Current Openings:

  • Skilled Technician
  • Entry Level Technician
  • Shop Helper

All Applicants must apply in person with resume, applicants must be 18 years of age or older, applicants must be available to work weekends.

Job Description includes but is not limited to:

Summary Description

Repair, customize, maintain, or overhaul both customer and dealer owned motor vehicles as close to the allotted time schedule as possible with excellent quality.

Key Result Areas

  • Service Department Operations
  • Customer Service

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Service Department Operations
    • Provide prompt, dependable, high quality, vehicle service to (internal & external) customers.
    • Complete repair work within the scheduled or allotted time period whenever possible. Continually improve this "efficiency" skill.
    • Maintain productivity (time spent working on billable jobs) as close to 100% as possible.
    • Accept work assignments from Service Writer/Manager.
    • Request parts for the job as early as possible when needs become known.
    • Perform service, repair and customization work in accordance to factory specifications.
    • Assist Service Writer, when requested, with writing up work orders, communication with customers, test riding, or any other issue which will help ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Notify Service Writer/Manager of additional work needed or any delays in expected completion as soon as they become known so that customer may be contacted and notified of the delay.
    • After job is finished ensure proper completion and filing of paperwork.
    • Keep work areas as clean as possible and assist others with maintaining shop cleanliness.
    • Maintain technical (PHD and other) qualification by completing any necessary training programs assigned to you by the Service Manager.
  2. Customer Service
    • Minimize come-backs and deal with them promptly and satisfactorily when they do occur.
    • Keep customers' vehicle cleaner that when it was dropped of.
  3. Other Duties
    • As assigned.


  • Treat all employees and customers fairly, courteously, and with dignity.
  • Model superior customer service behavior for all interactions with customers and employees.
  • Be prompt and available for flexible scheduling.
  • Maintain up to date technical qualification (PHD and others) by completing all training programs assigned by the Service Manager.
  • Focus on quality.

Qualifications & Job Requirements

  • Current Motorcycle license.
  • Service Technicians need both basic and special tools to properly diagnose and service our products.

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